Saving Our Kids From CSE

By Debbie Wuthnow

Public School Indoctrination and Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)

As a mother, my heart breaks to see elected officials allow our tax-funded schools to lead our children and grandchildren into forms of sexual thinking and behavior that are destructive.

As Christians, we can’t let this continue without taking action.

What is happening to our kids, in our schools, with our tax dollars, on the watch of officials elected by our votes, is appalling. It is spiritually, emotionally, and physically damaging young lives and undermining the values our nation was founded upon. It is the promotion of a view of sexuality and all of life that is profoundly religious in a bad way—and profoundly unbiblical. It is contrary to biblical teaching—leading children away from God’s best plan for their lives.

The effects of this teaching are evident in our culture, but not inevitable. Let me give you three essentials to the problem and solution:

First, way too many sex ed programs lead children on a destructive path

Ask yourself these simple questions: What kind of results are American taxpayers, including Christians, getting for their dollars spent on sex education programs, and why?

From the 1960s through this past year, government spending on sex education programs in public schools has skyrocketed. For a few decades, much of sex education could have been called, “How To Have Sex” Education, complete with increasingly graphic instructions. Predictably, teen sexual activity increased. Acceptance of homosexuality and abortion was also a central goal of these lessons—and still is.

After three decades of such indoctrination, the increase in teen sexual activity actually leveled off—though the increase in out-of-wedlock children exploded. The leveling of adolescent sex may have been largely due to conservatives’ insistence on including abstinence-only education.

But a new problem arose. An even more radical sexual belief was introduced.

This new belief, rolled out over the past several years, backed by billions of your tax dollars, includes the following doctrines:

  • Individuals, including young children, have diverse sexual orientations, including homosexuality, bisexuality, and more.
  • Individuals can be biologically predisposed to a sexual orientation—but also psychologically predisposed.
  • Individuals, including young children, can and should determine their orientation and even their gender.
  • To determine their sexual preferences and gender, individuals—again, often including young children—should physically and mentally experiment with their bodies, minds, clothing, appearance, and other aspects of their sexual identity.
  • There can be MANY—in fact, scores—of different gender identities.
  • Gender identity is fluid. It can change from person to person, and even over time for the same person.
  • No one should judge your determinations. By implication, not your parents nor your church.

For decades, publishers of sex education material pushed promiscuity and homosexuality in schools. Now they are rolling out “gender identity” as the next wave. You determine your own gender.

Obviously, this attacks the biblical basis of gender and sexuality. It calls into question the credibility of the Bible. Indeed, many young people are dismissing Christianity because they think the Bible’s sexual ethic is too narrow and “bigoted.” No wonder. Much of school-based sex ed amounts to an assault on Christian belief.

This new sexual radicalism also has implications for mental and physical health, since an attack on a child’s sense of gender can leave him or her emotionally adrift in a sea of doubt, leading to a host of mental and emotional crises.

As a whole, it is an attack on the foundation of faith, on the family, on social order, and on the bedrock of the nation. If it succeeds, America may not survive.

Dr. Miriam Grossman, M.D., is a leading expert in youth and sexuality. Dr. Grossman has trained or worked at New York University, Cornell University, and UCLA. She wrote You’re Teaching My Children What? The Truth About Sex Education. After rigorously examining health education curricula used in most schools, she wrote that sex education is ideological, not health-oriented:

“The principles of sexual health education are not based on the hard sciences. Sex education is animated by a specific vision of how society must change . . .”

She continues,

“Because of this, sex ed curricula omit critical biological truths and endorse high-risk behaviors. The priority for SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, and Advocates for Youth [the three leading sex ed publishers] is not the health and well-being of young people. These federally funded organizations are fighting “repression” and “intolerance,” not herpes or syphilis. But when sexual freedom reigns, sexual health suffers. Our children are being taught that you can play with fire . . .”

And Dr. Grossman adds this:

“They are not about preventing disease. Sex ed is a social movement. Its goal is to change society . . . to promote sexual freedom and to rid society of its Judeo–Christian taboos and restrictions. In this worldview, almost anything goes.”

There is so much evidence to support this charge that it’s really beyond dispute. In fact, the main publishers of sex ed curricula—including Planned Parenthood—freely admit it. It is on their websites and in the curricula they publish or recommend.

Much of it is graphic, explicit, and grooms children—at younger and younger ages—to accept and even explore deviant forms of sexuality. And that causes the damage I mentioned above. Surveys show a large shift in sexual attitudes, in the wrong direction.

Our tax dollars are being used to pervert our own children and grandchildren.

Second, voters are ultimately in control of reforming sex ed and saving kids.

The damaging sex ed curricula used in schools across America must be approved by local school boards and state boards of education. And both are ultimately answerable to state legislators and governors.

These are all elected positions! So voters are in charge. And responsible.

Third, the key to reform—and sparing kids—is better voter awareness.

But here’s the problem: How many parents and voters have the time and resources to do the meticulous research needed to learn if politicians—from the state legislature to state boards of education to the local school board—are letting such sex educators have access to children in their communities?

Basically, almost none! This is where iVoterGuide comes in . . . and why we are making this a greater priority. Beginning this year, iVoterGuide has taken on school board races, asking intensive questions and investigating candidates’ awareness of, and positions on, the content of “comprehensive sex education.”

iVoterGuide is making their responses public, and factors these responses into their candidate ratings. This will be especially significant if iVoterGuide expands to include more and more local school board races.

We can only cover more school board races and reach more voters if citizens who recognize this threat are willing to take a stand with us. Our team of researchers, data experts, and communications specialists need to be able to count on conscientious, engaged citizens to use iVoterGuide and tell 10 others to do so.

We need to alert more voters about more candidates, including candidates for offices with the power to cut sex ed from organizations like Planned Parenthood and replace it with the wholesome alternatives that already exist.

But it’s up to us. To me. To you.

Have you had enough of the abuse of our children by school sex ed programs and advocates? Are you fed up with being an unwilling accomplice by having your tax dollars used to carry out this agenda?

Please help us inform Christian voters and protect our children, grandchildren, and communities.

You can now see this information -- and more -- on our new School Board Initiative page.

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