Tools to Help You Reach Your Neighbors

by Debbie Wuthnow

Great Ways to Share iVoterGuide

In the last few years, there has been an awakening. Many who were once apathetic about elections are now passionate. They’ve experienced the impact that bad policies have had on their daily lives. They are concerned for their freedoms and are ready to elect individuals who want to do something to protect them. iVoterGuide gives you the tools to help others vote wisely.

Despite the heightened interest, many voters skip over midterm elections. Even fewer vote in the crucial primary midterm elections. For those who do, it can be challenging to find reliable information indicating a candidate’s beliefs and whether they will truly stand for the values and principles they espouse . . . or cave under pressure.

You can equip your neighbors with knowledge through iVoterGuide. An informed voter is a motivated voter. And because we are the only guide covering elections in all 50 states, you can recommend us to anyone, no matter where they live!

Let us do the heavy lifting with the research and data. All you have to do is spread the word.

We’ve made it simple by providing materials you can easily download, print, and distribute. In addition to business cards, we offer flyers, door hangers, and postcards that give information about iVoterGuide and provide a link so anyone can visit our website and access our evaluations of candidates on their ballot.

These materials are ideal for:

  • Hanging on doors in your neighborhood
  • Distributing at events
  • Keeping them handy to give to friends

In an age of confusion, you can be a conveyor of truth and reliable information. Our guide doesn’t tell voters who to vote for; we give them the information so they can decide for themselves. Voters are energized and motivated, but they need the information iVoterGuide spends thousands of hours compiling. You can help get it into their hands with these valuable educational materials!

Consider the impact you can have: In 2018, the number of iVoterGuide users in Florida exceeded Governor Ron DeSantis’ margin of victory over his opponent. DeSantis was rated as a Verified Conservative in our guide. His opponent was rated a Verified Liberal. Imagine how different the policies could have been over the last three years . . . and the impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.

More and more often, a few individuals who vote today can change the course of their state and nation for years to come. The difference is knowledge and motivation. You can provide both.

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