Life or Death Voting

By Debbie Wuthnow

Life or Death Voting

Americans will be voting for the life or death of babies in the womb in 2022.

This is a stunning fact, but absolutely true.

It will be true whether or not the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

That means iVoterGuide’s ability to inform and mobilize Christian, pro-life voters will be a life or death effort.

Life or death will depend on the work of our team and support from friends like you.

So I’m asking you to learn about iVoterGuide’s research and educational efforts now. Help us get the word out and be ready for the 2022 elections.

Our team intends to REVEAL TO VOTERS the positions of pro-life and pro-abortion candidates in 2022.

Here’s why:

SCENARIO #1: The Supreme Court may soon strike down Roe v. Wade. If it does, the VOTERS of each of the 50 states will decide if abortion is legal or not in their state.

The Supreme Court may strike down Roe when it decides Mississippi’s Dobbs case later this year.

If it does, then every state will decide for itself whether abortion is totally legal, partly restricted, or totally illegal.

The decision will be made by ELECTED state legislators and governors—of your state and every other state.

Judges ELECTED by every state’s voters could also get involved.

That means Christian, pro-life voters will be vital!

SCENARIO #2: The Supreme Court does NOT strike down Roe v. Wade.

Yes, the Court might leave Roe as-is.

But voters in each state will STILL be in a position to save lives.

How? This year the Court has ALREADY indicated shifting opinions on tighter abortion restrictions passed by the states.

One such law, recently passed in Texas, outlaws abortion as soon as an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detected. Because this happens so early in pregnancy, the law effectively outlaws most abortions.

Thousands of babies have already been saved in Texas. Hundreds more are saved every day!

That’s an amazing blessing!

Even if Roe is NOT overturned, VOTERS in every state have the opportunity to elect legislators, governors, and judges who will decide if millions and millions of babies live or die!

So either way . . . voting in the 2022 elections will determine whether millions of babies live or whether they die by abortion.

These life-or-death votes will be cast in state after state in 2022.

But how will Christian, pro-life voters truly know which candidates for legislature, governor, and judges will decide to save babies . . . and which candidates would allow the babies to be killed in the womb?

Remember, political candidates can be deceptive.

They often say they are pro-life, but do nothing to stop abortion once they are safely in office.

This is one reason iVoterGuide exists—to let you and other Christian voters KNOW who is truly pro-life, who is pro-abortion, and who is just talking a good game.

iVoterGuide has more than 1,200 paid and volunteer researchers and evaluators.

We dig DEEP into the records of every candidate. What is their voting record? Who endorses them? Whom do they endorse? What public statements have they made? What organizations are they associated with? Who gives them money? To whom do they give money? And more.

Not only does this research help Christian, pro-life voters know whom to vote for . . . the numbers show that our facts INCREASE the number of Christian, pro-life voters.

Many won’t vote unless they know the facts.

WE GIVE THEM THE FACTS, so more of them show up to the polls and vote.

That’s why telling friends about iVoterGuide can be lifesaving.

Since 2018 iVoterGuide users have EXCEEDED the margins of victory in hundreds of elections, including for U.S. Senate (such as Texas and Florida) and key governor races (such as Florida).

In 2020 iVoterGuide evaluated 8,051 candidates in 3,378 races. iVoterGuide users contributed to conservative victories in thousands of races.

But right now, iVoterGuide needs funds to make sure we tell Christian, pro-life voters in ALL 50 states which candidates are pro-life, and which are not.

We are gearing up to evaluate at least 12,000 candidates in 2022, and babies’ lives depend on who gets elected . . . and whether Christians make informed votes.

Please give monthly at this link to help iVoterGuide hire and train more staff and recruit more volunteers.

The more we hire, train, and recruit, the more elections we research . . . and the more information we provide to Christian, pro-life voters about who is truly pro-life.

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