The Flag is Under Attack

By Debbie Wuthnow

The Flag is Under Attack

Today is Flag Day.

Yet the true American flag and all it represents is under attack.

Take a look at this photo I recently snapped at a public elementary school in Texas. Flying with Old Glory is the “Gay Pride” rainbow flag.

Inside the school small and impressionable children are taught that American “equality” means men can use women’s bathrooms . . . men can compete in women’s sports . . . children and adults can choose a different “gender” than their biological sex . . . and anyone who disagrees should be harshly punished.

You and I will be targets for this punishment.

    Yes, elections have consequences.
  • Elected officials determine what is taught in schools.
  • Elected officials pass laws and issue executive orders about how “equality” is defined and who can be fired, fined, or prosecuted if they dissent from the new sexual standards.
  • Elected officials nominate and confirm federal judges.

In fact, our elected administration has authorized all U.S. embassies around the globe to fly the Gay Pride Flag along with the Stars and Stripes during the entire month of June (“Gay Pride Month”).

What a difference from an experience I had overseas not long ago.

My daughter—a history graduate—and I had the privilege of being on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, for Memorial Day services. The cemetery resembles an ocean filled with white headstones, mostly crosses. They mark the graves of American soldiers who died for the values that make those freedoms possible.

As we stood there, the honor guard played taps. They slowly raised the American flag to full mast from its usual half-mast position, then back to half-mast—something done only on Memorial Day.

At all other times, the flag is half-mast at that sacred place.

I don’t mind telling you, I cried. Not because I think America is perfect, but because of the principles and ideals represented by the flag.

Those principles and ideals include: Freedom. Sacrifice. Hope. Personal and moral responsibility. Self-government. Justice. Order. Initiative. Opportunity. Self-evident truths.

The men buried there gave their lives for those principles and ideals.

Those principles and ideals don’t include, and never have, the promotion of homosexual behavior, transgender behavior, or any other kind of sexual immorality.

They don’t include, and never have, the government-imposed redefinition of family and gender.

They include, and never have, the criminal punishment and social “canceling” of people who stand for biblical, traditional standards of family and sexuality.

First name, the elections of 2022, 2024, and beyond will determine which of these versions of “American ideals” is taught to our children and imposed in our criminal and civil courts.

Will freedom survive—or will your Christian views be criminalized by elected officials? Will you lose your freedom to live out, and express, your values? Will we lose our right to pass on our values to our children?

Will our flag remain red, white, and blue—or, figuratively speaking, will we Christians be forced to salute a flag that is “Rainbow Pride” multicolored, a corruption of the real rainbow God gave as a sign of His promise?

I realize our culture will never fully agree with our Christian values. It never fully has. But depending on elections, our criminal and civil justice system will either continue to allow open Christian values—or the government will punish those values and drive the good news of Christ into the shadows.

Which will it be?

You can help determine the outcome by donating now to iVoterGuide’s work.

In the past three years, iVoterGuide has proven successful in giving millions of Christian and conservative voters the in-depth research that educated and moved them to help elect officials that would represent their values and reject candidates hostile to what our flag represents.

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But we urgently need to EXPAND this proven tool for victory.

Will you celebrate this 2021 Flag Day by sacrificing for the principles our flag truly represents?

Will you follow in the footsteps of those soldiers whose graves lie below the Stars and Stripes in Normandy?

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