Who's Winning?

By Debbie Wuthnow

Who's Winning?

While the far Left pushes radical policies . . . our side is pushing back. We’re winning elections. And we’re winning legislative votes for election integrity.

Yes, winning. And Christians and other truth-minded voters are the vital link to these victories.

The latest examples?

In 2021, iVoterGuide expanded our research to local school board races. We tested our candidate evaluation process in 20 major school districts.

As you can imagine, hot issues in these contests included the indoctrination of students with neo-Marxist “Critical Race Theory” and controversial pro-LGBTQ “sex education.”

In 49 school board races across those 20 districts,

  • iVoterGuide’s online Candidate Evaluations clearly showed voters which candidates favored left-wing positions versus which candidates favored conservative positions.
  • Voter turnout rose 1.4 to 5 TIMES the normal turnout in 8 of the 20 districts. That’s astonishing! But our research team is used to seeing such an increase. Why? When Christians and other truth-seeking voters are informed, they vote rather than stay home.
  • Conservatives scored victories, including one that made national headlines.

That most notable victory was in Texas’s Carroll Independent School District near Dallas. Two conservative candidates decisively won. One prominent national news source article—titled “Parents Vote to Stop Critical Race Insanity in Texas’s Top School District”—reported, “Their local triumph marks the early stages of an escalating movement to reclaim K-12 schools.”

Educating voters with easy-to-access iVoterGuide research is essential to this movement.

But that’s not all the victories.

In one state after another, state legislators are passing election reform laws. These laws simply ensure that every vote is a legal vote.

But left-wing media, giant “progressive” corporations, and activists who specialize in questionable practices like “ballot harvesting” (who are often accused of voter fraud activity) have attacked the state election reforms.

And yet . . . the reform laws are winning in the state legislatures.


Because in the 2020 elections, a record number of Christians voted according to their biblical values in state legislative elections—and they elected conservatives to office.

“Experts” predicted many state legislatures would go liberal, BUT NONE DID. Why? The evidence points to iVoterGuide users like you. Our research showed that iVoterGuide voters . . .

Exceeded, in raw numbers, the margin of victory in 61 state legislative races—meaning iVoterGuide users may have swung the general elections and certainly played a dominant role.

Contributed to a conservative victory—often significantly—in 1,403 general election races, including state legislative contests.

And now many of those conservative state legislators are making the difference in passing the election reforms that could literally save the country from voter fraud.

I don’t have to tell you that America’s future is very much in jeopardy.

The Left’s agenda includes even more creative ways to “influence” elections. They have the money backing of billion dollar special interests. They have the media and Hollywood. They have Facebook, Google, and more.

What does our side have?

We have potentially millions MORE voters than the Left can turn out—even with their advantages. And iVoterGuide can inform and turn out those millions of Christians and other truth-minded voters with our free online Candidate Evaluations. We’ve proven it.

But now . . . we need to research more candidates and inform more voters.

We covered 8,051 candidates in 2020. Our goal for 2022 is 15,000-20,000.

I believe that could significantly change the direction of our country . . . and keep the Christian gospel and biblical values free to influence our communities.

The Left wants to shut Christianity out using politics and the law. As good stewards of the gospel, we must respond.

Let’s reach the voters who can stop the Left’s onslaught.

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