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Debbie Wuthnow

What Would You Ask Your Candidate?

The questionnaire is the closest opportunity we can give you to interview your candidates. From your local school board to the United States Congress, it is crucial to hear, in their own words, the views of those asking to represent you.

Our team created four separate questionnaires covering congressional, statewide and state legislative, judicial, and school board elections. The links below will take you to a pdf of each. They contain roughly 35 carefully crafted in-depth questions on key areas of concern to Judeo-Christian voters to get to the heart of candidates’ stances on important issues.

As you evaluate candidates on your ballot who are not covered by iVoterGuide, we hope these questions help guide your search for answers. The questionnaires cover a wide range of issues in order to capture a well-rounded picture of the candidate’s beliefs. It may also make you think of issues you’ve never thought to ask candidates about!

Candidate Questions for U.S. Representative and Senator

Candidate Questions for Statewide and State Legislature

Candidate Questions for Judge

Candidate Questions for School Board

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