Political Parties:
What Do They Stand For?

By Debbie Wuthnow

What Do They Stand For?

At iVoterGuide we work hard to give you all the information you need to vote based on facts and data, and our research cites directly attributable sources – like candidate surveys, campaign finance records, endorsements, and scorecards.

Yet, even with a dedicated research staff, factual data on candidates – especially in down ballot races – can be elusive and sometimes even non-existent.

How is a voter to gain insight into candidates when iVoterGuide doesn’t cover the race (yet!), when a candidate fails to answer the survey, or before a candidate has a voting record?

One thing every candidate does have in a General Election is a party affiliation. Whether it’s a "D," an "R," an "L," a "G," or an "I," each candidate purposely chose their party affiliation and wanted that particular letter of the alphabet beside their name on the ballot.

They chose the party most representative of their values and positions, so shouldn’t we know what those positions are?

As the major parties increasingly disagree on a number of foundational issues, knowing what the parties stand for is an important part of being an educated voter.

Before you go to the polls, make sure you know the major tenets of each party platform by using our Comparison of Major Party Platforms. Made in cooperation with the Salt & Light Council, it’s another key resource from iVoterGuide to help you be a good steward of your citizenship.

A Non-Partisan Review of Six Critical Issues Key to Faith-based Voters
Life & Abortion
Appoint judges who'll support Sanctity of Life at all stages. Oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion coverage. (pgs.13-14)
Appoint judges who'll protect a women's right to safe and legal abortion (pg. 25). Will continue to battle Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood
Individual's life & liberty is foremost (pg. 2). Government should be kept out of "life decisions," leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration. (pg. 3)
THe foundation of society is the family - the union of one man and one woman. (pg. 11)
Same-sex marriage is accepted and embraced. LGBT rights will be defended and championed. (pg. 19)
Government should treat all personal relationships equally and not license of restrict them (pg.2-3)
Religious Freedom and Repeal of the Johnson Amendment
Full religious freedom at all times everywhere. Full repeal of the Johnson Amendment (pg. 11)
Will defend freedom of religion for "religious minorities" (groups in the Middle East), but no other mention of protections here in the states (pg. 19)
Opposes government censorship/control of media. Favors freedom of religious expression as long as other's rights are also respected. (pg. 2)
2nd Amendment
Full 2nd Amendment support. Supports the repeal of bad legislation restricting gun rights (pgs. 12-13)
"Respects" the rights of "responsible" gun owners but favors increasing legislation to curb gun violence (pg. 39)
Full 2nd Amendment support. Opposes laws that restrict individuals rights to self-defense (pg. 3)
Support for Israel
"Unequivocal Support." Considered only country in the M.E. sharing essential US values of freedom of religion and speech. Committed to Israel's security; will ensure they have strong military edge over adversaries. Opposes BDS mvmt (pg. 47)
Believes a strong Israel is vital to US interests. Will always support Israel's right to self-defense, and will ensure it has a strong military edge in religion. Opposes BDS movement (pgs. 49-50)
Would end international government intervention, and state, "We recognize the right of all people to restrict tyranny and defend themselves and their rights." (pg. 6)
Climate Change & Use of US Energy Resources
Will analyze hard data on climate change. Sees UN efforts as political. Will reject agendas of Kyoto Protocol and Paris agreement (pg. 22). Supports the enactment of policies to increase domestic energy production in order to reduce vulnerability to foreign influence (pg.20)
"Climate change is an urgent threat." 1st 100 days will convene US summit of all experts to solve climate crisis. America must run entirely on clean energy by mid-century and plan to have 50% of power from "clean energy sources" within 10 yrs (pg. 27)
Believes competitive free markets best way to solve climate issues. Supports private land ownership over government control. "Oppose all government control of energy pricing, allocation, and production." (pg 4)
The page numbers referenced are from the approved Party Platforms.
This guide has been legally approved for churches and 501(c)3 organizations to share and distribution freely.

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