Join me in Petitioning God on Behalf of Our Country

By Debbie Wuthnow

We should pray every day, but today is no normal day!

It’s Election Day, and the direction of our country will be decided by voters today. As candidates make their final pleas, as iVoterGuide’s researchers wait to mark the results, and as millions of voters make their last decisions on who to vote for, please join me at the throne of grace to petition God on behalf of our country.

Much is at stake, both nationwide and in your state:

  • Unborn babies’ lives
  • Schoolchildren’s innocence
  • Families’ financial situations
  • Our national security
  • Our freedom to share our faith
  • Our children’s future

These issues and more weigh on my mind as I cast them on the Lord today. Will you join me?

God, we have the joy of knowing you as both our majestic Sovereign Lord and our caring Heavenly Father. Thank you for making yourself known to us.

We can rest assured that nothing will thwart the coming of your Son and His reign in perfect justice, righteousness, and peace. Until then, we know that we can bring you every concern regarding this election of our earthly authorities, whom you instituted to be your servants for our good. Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to choose them! 

On this day, we ask for truth to be made known, and that voters will be well-informed, making all their decisions with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

We pray that voters will let Judeo-Christian values guide them as they make decisions. Let them seek your will and honor you with their choice. Give them wisdom, Oh Lord.

For those who hold biblical values but were not planning to vote—stir their hearts to be good stewards of your blessings by informing themselves and heading to the polls.

Lord, let godly candidates be chosen to represent us. And in races where no candidate personally follows you, let the one who would best carry out your will and uphold your principles be chosen.

Guide voters as they vote “yes” or “no” on the ballot measures in their states. Let the right to life for babies be upheld by the people of those states where this right is in question today. For many other issues—religious liberty, election integrity, drugs, taxes, and more—let voters choose what is good, right, and just.

We also pray for the administration of the elections:

Help our election workers to perform their jobs with excellence, integrity, and grace. Give them endurance, wisdom, and patience with every voter and all the duties of their job.

Help the poll watchers to serve with diligence and respect, providing accountability. May wrongdoing be noticed, and nothing be covered up.

Lord, in our fallen world, everything, including our sacred right to vote, is susceptible to human error and man’s sinful devices. We pray that mistakes would be discovered and corrected, and that manipulation, fraud, or coercion would be restrained and thwarted. Let righteousness flourish.

Finally, Heavenly Father, many candidates—from congress to our local school board—will begin or continue their journey of service to you in the public square based on the results of this election. We pray for them. Strengthen their resolve to remain faithful to you. Deliver them from the evil one. In the months ahead, let them commit their way to you, trusting you to make their righteousness shine like the dawn as they preserve and protect the freedom you have given us. (Psalm 37:5-6)

Yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Be exalted in our nation for your glory. Thank you for the part we get to play. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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