A Bold Response

By Debbie Wuthnow

AFA Action and
iVoterGuide Merge

It is evident that America is at a critical juncture in her history. The assault on biblical values is increasing, and the time to act and impact our culture has grown short. The situation demands a bold response. A response that will further equip individuals and organizations with the tools necessary to transform American culture.

With those needs in mind, iVoterGuide has made a decision. I write you with exciting news . . . as of today, iVoterGuide and American Family Association (AFA) Action have merged and are joining forces just in time for the 2022 midterm elections.

AFA Action was iVoterGuide’s first national partner and has been a long-time friend of iVoterGuide since our founder, Richard Ford, first met with AFA’s founder, Don Wildmon, over a decade ago to talk about developing an online voter guide for Christians.

A formal merger reaffirms both organization’s commitments to serve God and promote biblical values by equipping voters to be good stewards of their citizenship. With Tim Wildmon (Don’s son) at the helm of AFA, and Walker Wildmon (Don’s grandson) now at the helm of AFA Action, the fit could not be better. . . or come at a more decisive time for America.

The need for voters to know accurate information about candidates on their ballots has never been greater, and the merger will allow iVoterGuide to immediately expand our coverage to include federal, statewide, and state legislative races in 35 states for the 2022 Primary Elections. And we’ll continue to grow our coverage of judicial and school board races in key districts.

By 2024, we’ll be covering elections from President to state legislature in all 50 states and have greatly increased our down ballot presence – and your ability to impact who represents you from the White House to the state house and beyond.

Finally, be assured that we remain dedicated to our model of coalition, not competition . . . and that AFA Action shares iVoterGuide's commitment to the accuracy and integrity of our candidate evaluations.

AFA Action has stood with iVoterGuide from the very beginning, and moving into a deeper relationship will give iVoterGuide “wings to fly.”

So share the news, pray about how you might want to support this endeavor, and – with renewed faith and determination – get ready for a 2022 election like none other we’ve seen.

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