God Is the Issue

Your 7 Duties as a Christian Citizen
Coaching Session


Coaching Session
Making GOD the Issue

Do you ever feel unsure how to respond to cultural issues? Do you feel like you are playing defense most of the time? If you answered “Yes” to either of those questions this coaching session is for you.

Jesus reframed 90% of the time, quickly moving from defense to offense. You can too—with a little practice.

Employing interactive case studies in a group of no more than eight people, Brad Bright will coach you in how to:

  • Co-opt any issue as a platform for what you want to say
  • Quickly transition from defense to offense
  • Make GOD the issue

In order to attend a Coaching Session you must have attended the God is the Issue 90 minute Live Webinar.

Please enter the code provided to you in order to see the registration form for the coaching session.