Church Outreach

Throughout American history, churches have been catalysts for change and are the bedrock of our nation. With these tools, you can help spread the truth and equip people across the land to vote wisely and to stand up for Biblical values. All of the resources are nonpartisan, educational, and approved by our legal team for distribution by churches and other 501(c)(3) organizations.

For the Congregation

Church Bulletin

Bulletin Insert

Our downloadable, full-color bulletin insert is an easy-to-print insert for a standard-sized church bulletin. They are also perfect to print and make available to church members by placing them in the foyer. Download
Screen Projection

Church Slide

Download our PowerPoint slide to show during church announcements or before or after a service. Download
Business Cards

Business Card

Informational cards sized like business cards are great for mass printing and distribution, and are often retained for later use or even passed on to others. Download

Legal Foundations

Find Your Ballot


Stay Informed

iVoterGuide works hard to provide you with resources to make an impact and a real difference in every election. Whether it's important news, voting dates, election reminders, newly-released outreach materials, or more ways to get involved, you won't want to miss a thing.
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