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Robert Perry

Libertarian , Kentucky


Robert Perry
U.S. Rep., Dist. 2

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Right to Life

Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death.


Abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, should not receive taxpayer funds or grants from federal, state, or local governments.


I support the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which requires health care providers to provide life-saving treatment for infants who survive an attempted abortion.


Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed?

Before it is plausible, that awareness can start being formed in the fetus. While none of us know precisely when that is, it seems reasonable to benchmark it against the development of the cerebral cortex layer's development that receives information from the senses. I believe this to occur sometime around or after the 18th week of gestation.


It is the government’s responsibility to ensure everyone has a livable income.

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Free enterprise and the right to private property are essential elements of a productive economic system.

Strongly Agree   

How would you guarantee Social Security benefits for future generations?

Social Security was built on the promise of eternal exponential growth in terms of population and productivity. Once exponential growth cannot be guaranteed, Social Security becomes a mandatory savings account that pays negative interest, due to inevitable inefficiencies in a noncompetitive environment. (aka monopolistic government waste) We must stop forcing future generations into this corrosive system as soon as possible and be transparent about the sort of private savings required to replace it. We are currently not even transparent about the fact that we are taking 15% of what each person produced before any other consideration. Instead, we hide half of it as "being paid by the employer." These leads many to incorrectly believe that social security comes at a reasonable cost.

What government spending would you reduce in order to balance the budget?

* Refocus the military on defense with the ability to project power, rather than funding a continual projection of power. * Move the responsibility for safety nets back to the individual (company or person) and their communities, which will probably have a larger positive impact in distributing decision making and removing moral hazard than it even saves directly in the budget * Refocus domestic governance on defending life, liberty, and property.

Under what circumstances should taxpayers help pay off existing student loans?

Taxpayer's helping to pay off the existing student loans could only be justified after the U.S. government apologizes for wasting the youth of millions and the nation's wealth in unwisely promoting educations that could not pay for themselves.

Religious Liberty

Governments should not discriminate against individuals, organizations or small businesses because of their belief that marriage is only a union of one man and one woman.


Religious liberty is at risk in the United States and deserves the highest level of protection in the law.

Strongly Disagree   

I promise to protect the freedom of Christians to share the Gospel and to practice Biblical principles.


What does "separation of church and state" mean to you?

The state has no authority to infringe on peoples' rights concerning or due to religious beliefs.


It is the government’s responsibility to ensure everyone has health insurance.

Strongly Disagree   

I support the elimination of private healthcare insurance.


How would you promote healthcare coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all?

Our government's promotion of private insurance has significantly contributed to the third-party payer problem, decreasing natural pressures for efficiencies, and increased healthcare costs. Only a small portion of healthcare costs goes to actual care; most of it goes to paperwork, litigation, and waste. We must remove barriers to closer relationships between patent and medical providers, such as direct primary care. We must stop subsidizing the third-party payer problem with tax incentives or mandating is with the "affordable care act". Ideally, insurance would be about insuring against the catastrophes that none of us would wish on ourselves, and few of us could afford, rather than merely adding a layer of waste in paying the expenses we will all encounter periodically.

National Security

The best way to maintain peace is through a strong military.

Strongly Disagree   

What should the United States do to help eradicate the threat of radical Islamic terrorism?

First and foremost, we must ensure that radical Islamists have little ability to cast the struggle as religious or spiritual in nature. It needs to be clear that religious radicals are not following a war cry from their god, but from men who would use religious zeal to garner or maintain power or control. As is always the case, good ideas do not require force. Thus, we should reduce the government's domestic authority so that no religion can abuse the government's power. The need to fight terrorists and caliphates is real. Still, we need to maintain something for the afflicted regions to aspire too; else we are merely maintaining a recruiting ground for our enemy.


I am in favor of construction of a wall and other necessary infrastructure on our border that gives complete control over entering and exiting the United States.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should be abolished.


State and federal funds should be denied to any public or private entity, including but not limited to sanctuary cities, that are not in compliance with immigration laws.

No Answer   

Employers should be required to use E-verify to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States.

Strongly Disagree   

Who should be allowed to immigrate to the U.S. and under what circumstances?

People who believe they can come here and deliver enough value to their fellow men to earn a living making their coming here worthwhile.


Taxpayer-funded public education should be guaranteed through college.

Strongly Disagree   


Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which is necessary for our system of limited government.


I support adding sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as protected classes in non-discrimination laws.

No Answer   

Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

I was raised Southern Baptist. My values align with Christ's teachings, which I believe showed us a path to a better world. I firmly believe that said teaching contributed greatly to Western culture's success in general and our country's success specifically. However, for me, this is a matter of judging a tree by its fruit. I believe that nothing is KNOWN or can be KNOWN of the existence or nature of God. This is to say our perception of God is a matter of faith, rather than demonstrable fact. As a legislator, I would be functionally agnostic, yet having high respect for the efficiency of Christ's teachings in building societies.


When you consider your views on a wide range of issues from economic and social matters to foreign policy and immigration, which of the following best describes you overall?

No Answer   

Please provide publicly available information validating your answer to the previous question.

The spectrum of "Very Conservative" to "Very Liberal" in the context of "economic and social matters to foreign policy and immigration" is a false narrative. I believe the government should be less involved in each category. * Economics * Fewer taxes * No government subsidies * No government bailouts * No tariffs * Social Matters * No telling people how to live * Fewer taxes * No government subsidies * No government bailouts * Foreign Policy * Lead the world (see economics and social matters) * Peace through trade (see economics) * No government subsidies * No government bailouts * Immigration * People who want to live here without subsidies, without bailouts, and no ability to control how others live their lives are my people I judge that to be Very Conservative and Very Liberal. "Moderate" does not describe it.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or been penalized for sexual misconduct? If so, please explain.

No A bogus speeding ticket in Ohio and an illegal turn at a poorly lit intersection cover my run-ins with the law.

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

I'm running to give voice to those who feel as I do. I'm happy to have taken months away from my career, which I love, to do so. However, nothing is in this for me. It promises nothing for my ego nor my wallet. If you feel as I do, I ask that you use the voice I am providing us both on the ballot, and please consider becoming active in the Libertarian Party.

Criminal Justice

Mandatory minimum sentencing should be required and enforced for violent crimes.


2nd Amendment

What restrictions on gun ownership are needed to protect public safety?

We should expect parents, legal guardians, and parole officers to make appropriate decisions. No restrictions should be applied to mentally competent, free adults.

Other Important Issues

I support BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanction) against Israel if they refuse to allow the creation of a Palestinian state.


I support the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Strongly Agree   

Reparations should be given to people on the basis of race.

Strongly Disagree   

The Electoral College should be abolished.

Strongly Disagree   

In priority order, what three areas of legislation do you propose to author or sponsor if elected?

1) Implement Q, C, & C of Larry Sharpe's QICC plan. (End Qualified Immunity, Require Individual Insurance for Law Enforcement, End Civil Asset Forfeiture, Deschedule Cannabis as part of ending the destructive war on drugs) 2) Reduce the authority of the FDA to be advisory rather than regulatory. 3) Reduce the Department of Education's authority to be advisory, remove their ability to mandate via strings attached to grants, transfer money back to the state via a reduction in taxes paid.

Is racism a threat to domestic security in the United States? Why or why not?

No. It is the abuse of government authority inspired by racism and isms in general that threaten the domestic security of the United States. "According to their degree of enlightenment, these plundered classes may propose one or two entirely different purposes when they attempt to attain political power: Either they may wish to stop lawful plunder, or they may with to share in it. Woe to the nation when this latter purpose prevails among the mass victims of lawful plunder when they, in turn, seize the power to make laws!" - Bastiat Racism without the force of government would have never done the harm is has, and racism without the force of government will never do the harm, so many currently dread.


  • University of Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky
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