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E.W. Jackson, FRC Action PAC, Steve Newman, William G. “Jerry” Boykin,


Jim McKelvey, Virgil Goode

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Virgil Goode, Jr - Former Congressman - VA05, EW Jackson - Former Lt. Governor candidate (VA), Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.) - EVP - FRC, Morton Blackwell, Pastor Jonathan Falwell, Jim Miller - Former Reagan Budget Director


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Right to Life

Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death.

Strongly Agree   

Abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, should not receive taxpayer funds or grants from federal, state, or local governments.

Strongly Agree   

I support the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which requires health care providers to provide life-saving treatment for infants who survive an attempted abortion.

Strongly Agree   

Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed?

I am 100% pro-life from conception without exception, and I believe that government has a responsibility to protect all life in the womb. I don't believe that the way a child is conceived in any way diminishes the precious innocence of that life, and therefore our responsibility to protect and preserve it. I do not believe that abortion should be legal under any circumstances.


It is the government’s responsibility to ensure everyone has a livable income.

Strongly Disagree   

Free enterprise and the right to private property are essential elements of a productive economic system.

Strongly Agree   

How would you guarantee Social Security benefits for future generations?

Unfortunately, our current Social Security system is unsustainable and must be reformed. A well-intended safety net that was established for those reaching average life expectancy (65) in the 1930's, was then funded by 32 workers for every retiree. We now have only 3 workers for every 2 retirees and a much longer life expectancy. While conservatives may disagree with whether or not we should have government-funded retirement, it is the system that we now have. Therefore, we need bi-partisan statesmen to work together to determine the right metrics to raise the full retirement age for those not currently retired or nearing retirement, means test the benefits for those with higher incomes, slow the annual percentage of growth in benefits, and continue to increase the income level that pays into the system; all in an effort to ensure the future viability of the program.

What government spending would you reduce in order to balance the budget?

I support a balanced budget amendment & providing the President with line-item veto power. I will not vote for compromise spending bills that do not address the deficit & our national debt. I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling, unless done so temporarily with accompanying reductions in spending to ensure future fiscal survival. I am not afraid of government shutdowns that curtail "non essential" employees & operations. I will vote to eliminate or reduce all unconstitutional spending.

Under what circumstances should taxpayers help pay off existing student loans?

I do not support any efforts to have taxpayers pay off student loans. I do support reforms to an educational system that facilitates soaring college costs that are subsidized by the federal government.

Religious Liberty

Governments should not discriminate against individuals, organizations or small businesses because of their belief that marriage is only a union of one man and one woman.

Strongly Agree   

Religious liberty is at risk in the United States and deserves the highest level of protection in the law.

Strongly Agree   

I promise to protect the freedom of Christians to share the Gospel and to practice Biblical principles.


What does "separation of church and state" mean to you?

There is no constitutional separation of church and state, and the establishment clause in the 1st Amendment was intended to protect the church from the influence or control of the government. Any honest reading of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and other writings of the Founders serves to clearly demonstrate that they sought divine inspiration in establishing this nation and recognized their and our dependence on God. There was clearly never any intent by the founders to protect or eliminate religious influence on government.


It is the government’s responsibility to ensure everyone has health insurance.

Strongly Disagree   

I support the elimination of private healthcare insurance.

Strongly Disagree   

How would you promote healthcare coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all?

I believe that market forces and private provision of healthcare and health insurance is the best method to provide the best options at the lowest prices for the vast majority of citizens. Government can facilitate many reforms in the best interest of citizens, such as creating more competition, ensuring portability, permitting companies to service across state lines, requiring upfront price and cost disclosure, eliminating surprise billing and addressing the ongoing suppression of free market health care services through Certificate of Public Need laws that remain in place in many states, notably in my home state of Virginia.

National Security

The best way to maintain peace is through a strong military.

Strongly Agree   

What should the United States do to help eradicate the threat of radical Islamic terrorism?

We must first recognize that radical Islam is at war with the United States and seeks our destruction, and we must work relentlessly to identify and eliminate the internal and external threats accordingly. We must maintain our strong support for Israel and help ensure their safety and survival, as one of our few true allies in the world and the only true democracy in the Middle East. While we should not be involved in occupation or nation-building, we must monitor threats to our security in the Middle East and mitigate or eliminate those threats as needed. Our border control and immigration policies should place the highest priority on protecting American citizens and preserving our values and culture. We must reform our immigration policies in an effort to stop admitting individuals who hate us and want to destroy our way of life.


I am in favor of construction of a wall and other necessary infrastructure on our border that gives complete control over entering and exiting the United States.

Strongly Agree   

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should be abolished.

Strongly Disagree   

State and federal funds should be denied to any public or private entity, including but not limited to sanctuary cities, that are not in compliance with immigration laws.

Strongly Agree   

Employers should be required to use E-verify to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States.

Strongly Agree   

Who should be allowed to immigrate to the U.S. and under what circumstances?

We must reform our immigration system to ensure our national security & preserve our unique American values & culture. Our immigration policy must put Americans first. We must have merit-based policies that require immigrants to learn the English language, demonstrate that they will be productive & prosperous contributing members of our society, and that they desire to embrace our values & culture. We must eliminate random or merit-less immigration such as birthright citizenship, chain migration, diversity visas, and the visa lottery system. We must place a greater premium on protecting American jobs for American workers, and reduce the number of worker visas to only that which is truly needed and does not depress wages or eliminate opportunities for Americans. The first priority for worker visas must be preserving our country, not providing cheap labor. We must also exercise greater scrutiny of immigrants from nations with a demonstrated hostility toward America.


Taxpayer-funded public education should be guaranteed through college.

Strongly Disagree   


Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which is necessary for our system of limited government.

Strongly Agree   

I support adding sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as protected classes in non-discrimination laws.

Strongly Disagree   

Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

I am a born-again Christian, and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 9 years old. I believe that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God, and the source of all truth. My chief desires are to glorify God, become more like Jesus, and influence others for eternity.


When you consider your views on a wide range of issues from economic and social matters to foreign policy and immigration, which of the following best describes you overall?

Very Conservative   

Please provide publicly available information validating your answer to the previous question.

I am a biblical conservative and a constitutional conservative. I believe strongly in the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our nation was founded, and my Christian faith and biblical worldview serve to direct me on a daily basis. I believe strongly in a strict originalist interpretation of the Constitution, and that we must diligently seek to adhere to the intent of our Founders regarding the scope of powers and actions of the federal government. I will consistently fight for our 1st and 2nd Amendment freedoms, limited government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, and to keep the federal government within the boundaries of the Constitution, as specifically expressed in the 10th Amendment.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or been penalized for sexual misconduct? If so, please explain.


Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

1 – I will be a champion for traditional conservative values and the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our nation was founded 2 – I will be a staunch defender of and advocate for an originalist adherence to the Constitution, as intended by our Founding Fathers 3 – I will work to eliminate illegal immigration and control legal immigration in a manner that prioritizes American workers and citizens, requires assimilation, and preserves and advances our unique American culture 4 – I will be an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump’s America First agenda 5 – I will advocate for eliminating or reducing the federal government’s control of our education system

Criminal Justice

Mandatory minimum sentencing should be required and enforced for violent crimes.

Strongly Agree   

2nd Amendment

What restrictions on gun ownership are needed to protect public safety?

I believe in and support the 2nd Amendment rights recognized in the Constitution, and do not support any restrictions on law-abiding citizens to exercise those rights. I fully respect our Founder's recognition that the right to keep and bear arms must not be infringed upon, as a check against government tyranny and to ensure we remain a free people.

Other Important Issues

I support BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanction) against Israel if they refuse to allow the creation of a Palestinian state.

Strongly Disagree   

I support the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Strongly Disagree   

Reparations should be given to people on the basis of race.

Strongly Disagree   

The Electoral College should be abolished.

Strongly Disagree   

In priority order, what three areas of legislation do you propose to author or sponsor if elected?

1 - A human life amendment, protecting all life from conception 2 - Comprehensive immigration reform, including securing our border, making English our official national language, requiring e-verify, prohibiting sanctuary cities & states, eliminating birthright citizenship, chain migration, and diversity visas / the visa lottery system; and adding greater protections of American jobs for American workers. Republicans and Democrats alike have failed to address this critical issue that impacts every sector of our economy, our culture, our children's futures and our sovereignty as a nation. 3 - Eliminating the Department of Education and Federal government control of our educational system.

Is racism a threat to domestic security in the United States? Why or why not?

While racism certainly exists in our society, we have made much progress. However, there are government policies and programs that contribute to racism. There are also individuals in power who profit from and garner their power by perpetuating a mindset of racism and victimhood. We should continue to strive for a colorblind society and fight against racial prejudice and discrimination in all forms. We should also fight against those who would seek to turn us against one another and perpetuate the false narrative of systemic racism within law enforcement, which is a tremendous threat to domestic security.


  • Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, MBA, 2010
  • Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, BS, 1988
Work & Military
  • Liberty University, Sr Assoc AD & Flames Club Executive Director, 2005-2020
  • CitiFinancial, District Manager, 1988-2005
  • Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg VA, Adult Sunday School Teacher
  • Hyland Heights Baptist Church, Rustburg VA, Deacon, Adult Sunday School Teacher
  • First Baptist Church, Woodstock GA, Deacon, Adult Sunday School Teacher
  • Atlantic Shores Baptist Church, Va Beach VA, Deacon, Adult Sunday School Teacher
  • Campbell County Republican Party, Member
  • Central VA Youth Wrestling Assoc., Board Member
  • Liberty Christian Academy, Assistant Wrestling Coach
  • Campbell County Board of Supervisors, Held 2015-19

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