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Stephen H. Brown

Republican , South Carolina


Stephen H. Brown
U.S. Rep., Dist. 4

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Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death.

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I am in favor of construction of a wall and other necessary infrastructure on our border that gives complete control over entering and exiting the United States.

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Governments should not discriminate against individuals, organizations or small businesses because of their belief that marriage is only a union of one man and one woman.

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Governments should define marriage as between one man and one woman; no other definition of marriage should be legalized or supported with taxpayer or public funds.

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It is the government’s responsibility to be sure everyone has a livable income.

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It is the government’s responsibility to be sure everyone has health insurance.

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Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which permitted our system of limited government.

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More restrictive gun control is needed to protect public safety.

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Free enterprise and the right to private property are essential elements of a productive economic system.

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Additional regulations are needed to prevent climate change.

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Religious liberty is at risk in the United States and deserves the highest level of protection in the law.

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The United States should help defend Israel from attack by its enemies.

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Abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, should not receive funds from federal, state, or local governments.

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Islamic law (Sharia) should take precedence over national and state laws where there are Islamic majority communities in the U. S.

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Congress should pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

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People should be allowed to use public restrooms, showers, and changing rooms based on "gender identity."

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I support sanctuary cities.

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It is OK for Congress to exempt itself from compliance with laws applicable to all citizens.

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I support the death penalty.

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Tuition-free public education should be guaranteed through college.

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The United States should protect its sovereignty from the United Nations.

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The best way to maintain peace is through a strong military.

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I voted in these primaries and general elections:

2010 General Election, 2010 Republican Primary, 2012 General Election, 2012 Republican Primary, 2014 General Election, 2014 Republican Primary, 2016 General Election, 2016 Republican Primary

Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed?

I believe life begins at conception. My views on abortion are consistent with the National Right to Life Committee and I believe that abortion should only be allowed when the life of the mother is endangered. Additionally, there should be no public tax dollars used for abortion.

What should the United States do to help eradicate the threat of radical Islamic terrorism?

Since September 11, 2001, when Americans were attacked on our soil, we have engaged in war against radical Islamic terrorism. We must never give up, or give in, and never, NEVER ever surrender to the threat against our Western Civilization. We must support our allies on all fronts and proactively engage the threat of terrorism at its source before it can grow, foster, and spread its murderous, destructive goals against our homeland.

What in the nature of mankind caused America’s Founders to carefully define, separate, and limit powers in the Constitution?

I believe the Founders believed in two guiding principles: power corrupts absolutely if not checked with specific limitations on that power; and, historically, the Constitution was to be an extension of the Declaration of Independence-not limiting men's freedoms, but rather than protecting them from usurp power that governments eventually become. Embracing and celebrating the freedom of all mankind under God's divine creation-there will never be again a document like The Constitution.

Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

I am disciple of my Lord, Jesus Christ. I believe in the Bible as the Word of God. As a Christian, I am to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ in all I say and do.

When you consider your views on a wide range of issues from economic and social matters to foreign policy and immigration, which of the following best describes you overall?

Very Conservative

Please provide publicly available information validating your answer to the previous question.

For the past 30 years I have worked to improve the lives of those I reach in my church, business, and various volunteer efforts. As the former Greenville County GOP Chairman I have fought for the conservative principles I have lived in my personal life. I believe in lower taxes, limited government, individual responsibility, and freedom.

How would you promote healthcare coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all?

The current system is not working. Obamacare has skyrocketed premiums to the point that growing number of individuals have catastrophic care rather than adequate care. The specific answer is to remove the expensive requirements of business health care plans that force unaffordable premiums for individuals and families. Secondly, we need real insurance portability that will allow individuals and businesses to purchase plans across state lines like car insurance is done by many Americans. There are some areas of the country where there is only one health insurance option. I submit that is no option at all. Competition in a private marketplace is essential for more options, lower prices, and ultimately better health care.

What role should government play in boosting the economy?

The government should not pick winners and losers in the marketplace, burden, business with oppressive regulations, antiquated tax codes, or ridiculous fees to operate. The government should guarantee equal opportunity, NOT equal outcome. Ronald Reagan said it best, and is often the case with government's relationship with business: "Government is not the solution. Government is the problem." A strong small business that can grow without interference will have more impact on the economy than any government program.

What changes should be made to the tax code?

The new tax law recently passed by the US Congress and signed by President Trump is a comprehensive starting point. I would support making the tax cuts permanent and lowering the rate of individual tax payers. I believe that Washington does not have a revenue problem, but a spending problem. I firmly believe when taxpayers have more of their own money the overall economy will do better.

What is the best way to bring down unemployment?

The best way to bring down unemployment is limit unemployment benefits to a reasonable period that makes an individual want to get back to work instead of creating an everlasting unemployment benefit. When you work, you become a better, productive member of society. Why would someone work when they can get paid 80% of their current income not to do so? The system needs reform. We need to reduce government interference so that the economy can grow to create the jobs we need.

How would you guarantee Social Security benefits for future generations?

Social Security currently is not sustainable. Two immediate reforms need to be enacted: the first is Congress must stop raiding the Social Security Trust Fund to fund the government. The trust fund is not a secure fund for future generations if it can be raided on a whim by Congress. Secondly, younger individuals must be given other options than just their social security taxes being taken from their paychecks. They should be able to have options that do not limit their future or extend the unfunded liability that is coming and will affect all Americans.

What education or experience qualifies you to hold the office for which you seek election?

I am a graduate of John Hopkins University and the University of South Carolina School of Law. I am a certified specialist in labor and employment law. I have 33 years experience in the practice of law and am recognized in the Best Lawyers in America. I proudly served as an Officer in the US Navy Reserve.

E-mail address and phone number for voters to reach you: 864-214-6602

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

Married for 32 years and raised three successful adult children. I was the Greenville County GOP Chairman.


  • John Hopkins University, Baltimore, BA, 1982
  • USC School of Law, Columbia, JD, 1985
Work & Military
  • US Navy Reserve, Lt. Jg., 1984-1988
  • Mauldin First Baptist, Member
  • Greenville Repubican Party, Member
  • Leadership Greenville
  • Charleston Southern University, Frm Board of Trustee
  • US Senate, Sought 1998

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