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Jim Trakas

Republican , Ohio


Jim Trakas
State Rep., Dist. 6

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Battle Born PAC, Local, County, and District Republican Organizations, State Republican Party Organizations, The Freedom Project, Timken Company, Virginia “Ginni” Ragan


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Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death.

Strongly Agree

I am in favor of construction of a wall and other necessary infrastructure on our border that gives complete control over entering and exiting the United States.

Strongly Agree

Governments should not discriminate against individuals, organizations or small businesses because of their belief that marriage is only a union of one man and one woman.


Governments should define marriage as between one man and one woman; no other definition of marriage should be legalized or supported with taxpayer or public funds.


It is the government’s responsibility to be sure everyone has a livable income.


It is the government’s responsibility to be sure everyone has health insurance.


Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which permitted our system of limited government.

Strongly Agree

More restrictive gun control is needed to protect public safety.


Free enterprise and the right to private property are essential elements of a productive economic system.

Strongly Agree

Religious liberty is at risk in the United States and deserves the highest level of protection in the law.


Any teaching to children on sex education in public schools must include all contraceptive methods, and should not show preference to abstinence.


People should be able to vote without photo identification.


Abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, should not receive funds from federal, state, or local governments.


Islamic law (Sharia) should take precedence over national and state laws where there are Islamic majority communities in the U. S.


The state constitution should limit the growth of spending to the rate of population growth plus the rate of inflation.


Congress should pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.


People should be allowed to use public restrooms, showers, and changing rooms based on "gender identity."


I support sanctuary cities.


I support the death penalty.


Tuition-free public education should be guaranteed through college.


The best way to maintain peace is through a strong military.

Strongly Agree

Parents should be the primary authority in decisions affecting their minor children.


Mandatory minimum sentencing should be required and enforced for violent crimes.


I voted in these primaries and general elections:

2010 General Election, 2010 Republican Primary, 2012 General Election, 2012 Republican Primary, 2014 General Election, 2014 Republican Primary, 2016 General Election, 2016 Republican Primary

Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed?

I have always viewed that winning the hearts and minds of the public on abortion requires incremental policy changes as well as strong public education. With the advent of technology that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that life begins at conception, my views have changed. I can understand exceptions for the life of the baby's mother and in cases of rape and incest. That would eradicate 99.5% of abortions. I am not advocating that opinion, but could accept legislation that does that as we continue to evolve society to these truths.

What in the nature of mankind caused America’s Founders to carefully define, separate, and limit powers in the Constitution?

Our Foundation was heavily influenced by Greek philosophy, Judeo-Christian scripture, and to a lesser extent the Enlightenment, and of course, British governance. Our nation was the first and only for decades to believe in individual rights over that of the sovereign. Our experience also made for an important series of checks and balances on power to assure that individual rights of self determination prevailed over an over arching state.

Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

I am a Greek Orthodox Christian and take my responsibility as a Servant of God, critically in public service. Living Christianity as a daily virtuous guide helps to shape my views to treat all human beings with dignity and respect. That we were all formed in the womb and God knew us, so being a good public official entails promulgating policies that enhance the daily life of each and every one of us; understanding right from wrong and knowing that that understanding is not intolerant, but truth is truth. Helping to protect the most vulnerable, protect society from evil, provide an atmosphere where all Ohioans can succeed as the best way to paths to prosperity all make up my philosophy. The writings of St. Paul particularly, put public service in perspective. Lastly, living up to our Oaths of Office, with the penalties for the immortal soul, mean everything to me. There is a reason why I affirm my Oath, and pleasing God by moral public policy is part of that.

When you consider your views on a wide range of issues from economic and social matters to foreign policy and immigration, which of the following best describes you overall?


Please provide publicly available information validating your answer to the previous question.

I have been honored as "Conservative Legislator of the Year" and have earned the Watchdog of the Treasury Award from United Conservatives of Ohio, so conservative peer groups have judged my record to be worthy of their recognition. Conservatism is the reflection of putting forth successful policies of the past, updated for today and tomorrow, without experimentation and with respect to effective norms and traditions. I believe in a progressive conservatism, progressive meaning forward thinking, and conservative meaning applying successful principles, and not chaotic experimentation.

What is the best way to bring down unemployment?

The single most important path to success is to recreate the Ohio two parent nuclear family. The statistics are in, and clearly show that the stability, dual income, and nurturing nature of the two parent family provide for a more stable and grounded life, greater educational attainment, and more successful prosperity in employment. Working towards the goal of aligning all of the state's resources, particularly our social service programs to encourage marriage and children after marriage would place us far ahead of where we are today. I think it is time to finally state that the concept of the "village" raising the child has been an adverse failure, and it is time to encourage and nurture the nuclear family. A more robust education, with a proven curricula like that of the Greatest Generation, would go a long way towards increasing employment, and a concentration on practical job skills for working class jobs would help.

How would you promote healthcare coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all?

Healthcare is critical to our lives. While not appearing in our Constitution as a right, it is certainly important for our well being and welfare. Having said that, America does feature employer based healthcare, and Ohio must encourage employers to offer healthcare for the benefit of their employees. This includes fostering a low cost regulatory and tax structure that helps Ohio commerce to succeed and to have the resources available for the best healthcare policies. This also includes educating the population about our own health, how to stay away from illegal drugs, exercise, eat and drink healthily. A vibrant jobs sector goes a long way towards these goals.

What role should government play in boosting the economy?

Government should do what the people cannot do for ourselves. One of the key components to government is create an atmosphere of success for our economy to flourish. This includes a well educated and well rounded citizenry through public and private education, K-12, technical and vocational, a practical and affordable college education, and access to continuing educational and vocational opportunities provided by the state. The atmosphere must be nurturing for job and wealth creation as government crafts taxation, regulatory, energy, public safety, infrastructure, and educational priorities to provide the tools needed by our private sector.

What education or experience qualifies you to hold the office for which you seek election?

Having held this office for eight years prior, and currently serving as an elected official in the district, I offer the citizens of District 6 a seasoned professional who knows how to get the job done and deliver for the people. My blend of private and public sector experience, state defense force military service, and community commitment through charitable causes affords me the knowledge and experience to be an excellent advocate for the people. Greater Cleveland needs a champion, and I ask to be ours. I also understand what needs to be done to shake off decades of economic stagnation for Ohio families, improve education policy, reduce cost in higher education, and have a firm grasp on the issues of the day to hit the ground running and be the effective leader that the people of District 6 deserves.

E-mail address and phone number for voters to reach you: 216-524-4047

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

In addition to be married to Anne Kennedy Trakas, my mother, Kathy Trakas has lived with us for the past three years. Being a caregiver to my Mother has been a beautiful experience. It has also afforded me the chance to suggest policy changes that can benefit Senior Citizens, policies that would benefit families that are caregivers to loved ones. We do need to advance our views on elder care, and incentive programs to families who care for loved ones can enhance the existing programs of in home care and nursing home care that the State invests substantial resources for Senior Citizens and other qualifying Ohioans.


  • The Ohio State University, Columbus, B.A., 1987
  • Independence High School, Independence, Diploma, 1983
Work & Military
  • Ohio Military Reserve, 1st Lieutenant (OH), 2013-
  • American Online Learning Center, LLC, Chief Executive Officer, 2013-
  • American Online Learning Services, Managing Member, 2016-
  • Republican Party of Cuyahoga County, Chairman 1996-2005
  • FOCUS Cleveland, St. Herman's House of Hospitaliy, Board Member
  • George Voinovich & Frederick Douglass BOE, Board Chairman
  • Provost Academy of Ohio, Board Chairman
  • Acacia Lodge 651 F&AM, 3rd Degree Master Mason
  • Royal Arch Masons Corwin-Webb, Royal Arch Mason
  • State Guard Association of Ohio, President 2016-
  • Independence City Council, Held 2016- (1992-95)
  • Ohio House of Representatives, Held 1999-2006
  • U.S. House of Rep. 10th District, Sought 2008 (L)
  • Independence BOE, Sought 1987 (L)

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