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Congress should repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Strongly Agree

Election of judges by the people for a definite term of office is the best way to select judges.


More restrictive gun control laws are needed to protect public safety.

Strongly Disagree

Government should enforce laws designed to protect the border and to prevent illegal entry into the country.

Strongly Agree

People should be able to vote without photo identification.


Religious liberty is at risk in the United States.


Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death.

(Did not answer)

Free enterprise and the right to private property turn mankind's natural self-interest into the most productive economic system there is.

Strongly Agree

There should be a strict constitutional spending limit for state and local governments that would tie the rate of spending to the rate of population growth plus the rate of inflation.

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Marijuana should be legalized and regulated like tobacco and alcohol.

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Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which permitted our system of limited government.

(Did not answer)

The founders established pure democracy in the Constitution because they believed that it is the best form of government to ensure the safety and equitable treatment of all citizens.

(Did not answer)

Free-market competition for education dollars, rather than a government monopoly, would create a better education for all students.

Strongly Agree

Where minor children are involved, divorce laws should be reformed to include mutual consent of both parents and an increased waiting period, unless there is fault or abuse.

(Did not answer)

The Ten Commandments should not be displayed in public school buildings.

Strongly Agree

Business owners should be required by law to bake cakes, provide flower arrangements, etc., for same-sex weddings, even when these activities would infringe on their sincerely-held religious beliefs.

Strongly Disagree

Our state should participate in the nationwide Common Core standards for high-school graduation.

Strongly Disagree

Physician-assisted suicide should be legal.

Strongly Agree

The more people live by Judeo-Christian values, the less government is needed.

(Did not answer)

Islamic law (Sharia) does not pose a threat to the United States and its Constitution.

Strongly Disagree

Governments should define marriage as between one man and one woman; no other definition of marriage should be legalized or supported with public funds.

Strongly Disagree

It is the government’s responsibility to be sure everyone has health care and a livable income.

Strongly Disagree

Planned Parenthood should not receive funds from federal, state, or local governments.

(Did not answer)

What in the nature of mankind caused America’s Founders to carefully define, separate, and limit powers in the Constitution?

Governments have a very strong tendency to grow uncontrollably and power corrupts. Note that our form of government is NOT a pure democracy as stated in question 12.

Based on the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, please arrange the following entities, starting with the highest source of authority, and continue the list in descending order of authority, skipping any that do not apply: Academia, Congress, Constitution, God, Industry, Media, Professional Sports, Supreme Court, Voters.

The People (voters), Constitution, Supreme Court, Congress

Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed?

Human INDIVIDUALS have the right to life. It is the first right a government needs to secure. Therefore, it is important to have a clear legal definition of when a new individual comes into existence and when an individual ceases to exist. The framers of the Constitution did not in 1787 foresee the need for a more specific definition and so the default arguably was just at birth and death. In 1973, the Supreme court refined the definition to viability of the fetus. There is much vehement disagreement! If and when a majority of RATIONAL people can agree on a different and better definition, the Constitution should be changed to reflect it. Until then, current law applies. My thinking is that a true individual is self aware, and that is the criterion that we use on the other end when somebody has to make the difficult decision as to when "the plug" should be pulled.

Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

This is in no way relevant to doing the job of Auditor General. To quote Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution: " religious test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

Considering all issues (social, economic, national security, etc.), which of these best describes you?

(Did not answer)

Please defend your answer to the previous question by referencing your publicly available track record.

I am a libertarian and cannot be categorized on the one-dimensional left/right or conservative/liberal line. Simply stated, the libertarian philosophy is, “Live and let live.” Each individual must be free to do as she or he pleases as long as she or he does not infringe upon the equal rights of others. More specifically, “live and let live” means that force must not be used on an individual, unless that person has initiated the use of force or fraud. This is the simple but powerful principle from which libertarian positions on all issues are logically and consistently derived. It is called the Non-aggression Principle. Libertarians advocate maximizing liberty by eliminating the use of force on peaceful, honest people. Government needs to be restricted to its Constitutionally limited role, which it has far exceeded! For more complete information, visit the or websites.

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Additional comment from candidate:

I have elected not to answer several of the questions. There may well be an answer, but I cannot properly answer when restricted to one of the multiple choice answers provided (including "No Answer"). Also, some personal information is solicited which bears no relevance to doing the job of PA Auditor General. The questionnaire appears to be a litmus test to determine whether or not my religion exactly matches that of those who formulated the questions. We have religious freedom in this country. And as per Article 6 and the First Amendment, we also have separation of church and state. I am NOT part of the monopolistic Republican/Democrat "establishment." As Auditor General, I will be a fiercely independent guardian of our taxpayer dollars! Period.


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