Supreme Court and Special Legislative Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Supreme Court Justice
  Kevin Brobson Republican Conservative
  Patricia McCullough Republican Conservative
  Paula Patrick Republican Conservative
State Senate, Dist. 22
  Chris Chermak Republican Moderate
  Nate Covington Libertarian Somewhat Liberal
  Marty Flynn Democrat Liberal
  Marlene Sebastianelli Green Insufficient Information
State Senate, Dist. 48
  Calvin Clements Democrat Liberal
  Chris Gebhard Republican Conservative (Conditional)
  Ed Krebs Other Somewhat Liberal
  Tim McMaster Libertarian Somewhat Liberal
State House, Dist. 59
  Mariah Fisher Democrat Liberal (Conditional)
  Robb Luther Libertarian Somewhat Conservative
  Leslie Rossi Republican Conservative
State House, Dist. 60
  Drew Hreha Libertarian Somewhat Conservative
  Abby Major Republican Conservative (Conditional)
  Frank Prazenica Democrat Liberal (Conditional)
Printed Friday, June 18, 2021.