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From the right to life and religious freedom to free enterprise and a strong national defense, iVoterGuide covers all issues important to conservative voters. When you support iVoterGuide, you support the causes you care most about.


For the 2020 elections, iVoterGuide covered 8,051 candidates in 3,3378 races across the nation and conducted over 30,000 hours of research (about 4 hours per candidate). Instead of just impacting one race, your donations impact hundreds of races.


Our ministry model is based on partnering, not competing with, other organizations and leaders, and iVoterGuide helps our partners multiply their impact. When you give to iVoterGuide, you become part of a coalition bringing people and organizations together to preserve liberty.


Because iVoterGuide is data-driven and backed by documented research readily visible to candidates and voters alike, you have information you can trust and credible talking points for sharing with friends, neighbors, and family.

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